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Garbage Power System

Burn trash, get clean air and power!

What does a small village in a remote location of the world do with their waste? Mostly they burn it on the side of the road.

A better solution would be a small, simple trash/garbage incineration plant that turns roadside waste into a benefit!

Burning the waste in the small plant...

- is cleaner than just burning it on the roadside, as filters clean the smoke.

- produces a steady form of electricity.

- produces bio-gas from the organic waste.

- produces furtilizer from the organic waste.

- may even produce a WIFI signal.

Thereby educating the local community about resource-use and the ecological footprint. Furthermore, the aim is to provide local jobs in this social entreprise.

A possible first location: Casa Guatemala Orphanage (

casa guatemala 1
casa guatemala 2

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